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Club Membership



New for 2024 - Colts Section (18 -30 year olds)

Men's & Ladies!

Active Wirral Invigor8 Golf Membership + £99


Wanting to join? New members



For unlimited Annual Golf and Club Membership:

Only £602!

 Possession of a Active Wirral Invigor8 Golf Membership (£430) + £172 Club Subs.

(option to pay £172 in quarterly instalments) 



CLICK HERE for Invigor8 Golf Membership Sign Up

Join APGC now - membership through to March 2025!!!

Member of another EGU club? Why not have a HALF PRICE LEISURE MEMBERSHIP?


Leisure Membership Scheme

If you are already a full member at another EGU recognised golf club, you now have the option to take out a second half-price membership at Arrowe Park Golf Club (£86 per annum). This means that you can play in our weekend (Saturday or Sunday) competitions with a booked time, at £6 per competition + green fees*.

Leisure membership comes with full social privileges and the option to join club away days etc.

This is an ideal opportunity to sample the friendly atmosphere of APGC, make new playing friends, and if you are a former member, to renew old acquaintances.

*Green fees

Separate green fees are payable by all members. Depending on how often you play you can either pay as you play or invest in an Active Wirral Invigor8 Golf Membership.

For further details / application form please contact Pat Hickey (Secretary) By email:

Or come up to the clubhouse at Arrowe Park.

You're guaranteed a warm welcome.

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